Sunday, August 19, 2012

A long week

It has been a long week.

A week of middle of the night meltdowns, whining, crying, fighting and so much more.

My toddlers have Hand, Foot and Mouth right now and it is making them cranky, moody, sleepless and in pain. And I am 28 weeks pregnant. And tired. And without family to help and a husband who doesn't have the luxury of a flexible job.

This week has been hard, but I knew I could make it because come Friday night my parents would be coming to visit and I could relax just a little bit and have some help. Only, last minute, they weren't able to come.

It has been a long week.

A week filled with middle of the night snuggles, kisses and the opportunity to teach my girls patience.

My toddlers have Hand, Foot and Mouth right now and it is making them persevere and learn to use their words. And all the while I am blessed to be creating a new little one. And feel her sweet kicks. And I have amazing Buffalo friends, one who even offered to make our family a meal. And my husband has an amazing job that allows me to stay home and teach my children every minute of everyday.

My parents were supposed to come this weekend and I was excited to see them and relax a little while they helped with the kids. However, they weren't able to make it, which worked out beautifully because the girls got extra Daddy time this weekend, we were able to take them somewhere special yesterday and make amazing family memories and were also blessed with a stranger giving us an area rug we were in need of.

Tonight as I prepare for the week ahead and spend time reflecting on this past one, I am thankful for a God who knows how to make all things beautiful, and gives us peace when there is chaos all around.

It has been a long week. A long, good week :)


  1. This post brought tears to my eyes, Danielle. It is amazing how some time in prayer can turn our hearts from sorrowful and discouraged to thankful. You're in prayer.

  2. Thanks :) Do you have any idea why it won't let me space this out into different paragraphs? In my draft it looks like it is, but when published it doesn't...