Saturday, January 28, 2012

Table Love Part 1

I have been wanting a new dining room table for a couple years now. Every time we plan to purchase one however, we find other ways to spend the money. Last year we had decided that we were finally going to purchase a new one with our taxes. I got so excited, and claimed our "old" table as my craft table. I started to paint and hot glue and Modge Podge without putting anything between my project and the table. And then a couple weeks later, our car died. So then not only could we not get a new table, but the one we already had was ruined on top.

So, I have been debating for the last year on what to do. Every time I sit at, wipe off, or do anything on that table, I curse the table. I want it to die a slow and painful death. This Big Lots piece of junk has got to go. I search Pinterest and drool at all the beautiful farm tables and refurbished tables like these ones.

Then finally last week, the most amazing thing happened. One of the chairs broke.

Then yesterday, another chair broke.

I was in heaven! Finally, I can start looking at tables, or hopefully find an old one for free to paint and sand. Seriously, best day ever!!

So, that's the exciting happenings around here :) Table Love Part 2 coming soon when we actually purchase a table or pick one up from the side of the road. I can't wait! But first... a ten day trip to Michigan is in order!! We leave on Wednesday and I can hardly breath thinking of all the hugs and laughter and fun!


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